Printer Repairs



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We Can Repair Or Provide New Printers

When your Printer is down it can seriously impact your operations. We are experts in this field, the specialist maintenance of all types (Laser, Ink-Jet, Dot-Matrix, Deskjet etc.) and most makes and models of Printers.

We Repair, Service and Replace. We do site visits but depending on the problem, may need to perform in-shop repairs, where we have the correct & best equipment to restore the printer.

"My Printer is down, why not just buy a new one?" A valid question and one which seems reasonable as a quick, convenient solution. However what seems to be good at the time, can have drawbacks later:

  • You may already have back-up inks and other supplies which will now go to waste
  • Regardless of how cheap the new Printer, the problem is often more cost effective to solve than to purchase.
  • On the same note let us address the cheap Printer which may seem like a good deal; it is more important to buy a quality Printer than a bargain fix which may cause even more problems within a very short time.

We can secure a new Printer for you if you decide to change or add. We will make sure that it is suitable for your intended use and adequate to meet its loads.

General Maintenance:

A regular service of your Printer prevents or tackles problems before they impact.

  • Professional strip-down and clean
  • Replacement of Separation Pads
  • Replacement of rollers

Please note* If a serious problem is found, other parts may be needed which would be extra to those supplied for the Maintenance Service. We would consult with you explaining the issue before proceeding.

Emergency Repairs:

  • Your job will be evaluated for the best possible price, giving you as much information as possible concerning the problems.
  • We will advise you if your printer is worth saving, so you can make a decision.