Electronic Lock Systems



Hotel Rooms, Offices & even Residential areas, benefit from the security of Electronic Locks ...




We Provide Keyless Solutions

Do you require many keys in circulation for one particular entry point or does the need to allocate access to individuals change regularly?

AMB supply and install "Key Card Lock Systems", enabling you to have flexible management of your selected areas.

This technology uses a Smartcard which is programmed with the relevant code to operate the electronic locking device.

If the card is lost or access is no longer desirable for an individual, there is no need to worry about security as the code can be changed which would block the previous user credentials.

Other benefits include:

  • Safety & Security of restricted areas.
  • Protection of important or valuable items.
  • Reduced cost of constantly replacing mechanical locks and keys as access needs change.
  • Never worry about your keys being copied.
  • Quick Entry.
  • Add, change or delete entry permissions at will.
  • Card locks cannot be bumped.


Commercial & Residential :

  • Once thought to be exclusively for Hotels, Offices and Storage Areas, the Residential customer can benefit too from the enhanced freedom and security which a Card Lock System offers. The same considerations and advantages apply for all. We can advise you on Residential suitability.

Mechanical Key Concerns: Consider that our simple everyday living easily allows us to make unknowing mistakes, of which we are not even aware of at the time ... Friends we once trusted with our keys, ex-employees, the times you quickly left your desk or car for just a moment; ample room for keys relating to secure areas to be copied.

AMB Facilities:

  • We install new Electronic Locks.
  • Perform Repairs.
  • Replace Parts.
  • Provide Technical support.
  • Grant a free consultation to inspect the entry point / points and determine the best quotation possible.