Your Printed Treasures

Books are cherished items, bringing joy to their owners whether they be for worship, education, entertainment or a personal collection. We can help you keep them in tip-top condition to maximise their longevity.

We repair and do bookbinding. Being fully versed in every single stage of the process, we can guarantee you a quality finished product.

Be it one book or several, you can confidently entrust your bookbinding needs to our repair service.

Whether you require a traditional look or a contemporary direction, we honour the skilled work of the original items and breathe new life into them while matching the initial direction as closely as possible.



Provisions & Facilities:

  • Every request is different, please bring the books for a Free Consultation & Evaluation.
  • Rebacking spines & joints
  • Replacing inner linings
  • Re-stitching
  • Repairing Corners
  • And More ... Including customised fabric finishes.